Wedding Morning Tips & Tricks!

On one of the most important days of your life after all the planning and preparation you want the morning of your wedding to go as smoothly as possible. It was actually one of my favourite parts of the day having all the girls together getting ready. I always give my brides some ideas to help it run smooth so I said I’d do a post as Bridal season is here and is only going to get busier in the coming months.
If you find this useful or helpful please let me know or maybe give a little share.

  •  Don’t use anything different on your skin in the month leading up to the wedding.
  •  Get Tan nails etc. done 2 days prior to the big day.
  •  Delegate as many jobs as you can.
  •  Choose your Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist wisely. Someone whom you can be yourself with and feel really comfortable with. Plan your morning with them. Even do up a schedule with all the names of the bridal party and what times everyone should be in the chair for. This just helps the flow of hair and make-up.
    I never recommend a bride go first or last. Maybe second last. Just in case anything needs to be tweaked.
  •  Assign an area in the house for getting ready. Try keep it away from any hustle and bustle. This means you’ll get to sit and relax and enjoy getting pampered. Hairdressers will need a socket. MUA will love a window if it’s bright out. Nothing like natural light. And a table to set up products.
  •  Make sure whoever you want to help you get into your dress on is ready head to toe first. Then all their focus is on you!
  •  Music! I always recommend a good play list playing in the background. Plan with your bridesmaid and give her the responsibility. Keep it fun and upbeat!
  •  Light some candles. Yankee Candle have a lovely Wedding Day candle. It’s one of my favourites.
  •  If for any reason you need a good cry let it all out nice and early. It can be such an emotional day but it’s the last thing you want when you make up is done.
  •  If you suffer watery eyes or irritated eyes I always recommend getting anti-histamines for the week up to the wedding and also the Murine eye drops for redness. They remove any redness leaving the whites of the eyes clear and bright!
  •  Leave everything out for the photographer/videographer. Shoes, rings, dresses and bits you want included in your photos.
  •  Cut off all tags and ribbons from dresses and remove stickers from shoes the night before.
  •  Have all your envelopes ready for suppliers and let your bridesmaid hand them out.
  •  Make sure you eat! Organise breakfast to be collected or delivered so there is no cooking in the house. Dads and brothers come in handy for these jobs as they generally have no idea what to be doing with themselves.
  •  Get the Ribbons on cars nice and early.
  • Have all your bags packed the night before. Have everything you need ready to go. Pop your lippy into your bouquet so you have it to hand for tops ups!
  • Don’t forget that special perfume. Its amazing how a smell can bring you back to a time and place. I always say try find a new favourite that you have never worn.
  • Assign someone to lock up the house make sure everything is locked including windows just before you leave the house for the church.

Main thing is to enjoy it. Don’t stress the little things. Weather included! If there are issues tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen to sort it. If they can’t fix it, forget it and move on!

Have the Best Day Ever and Make Fabulous Memories!



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