What Colours to use to Make your eyes POP!!!

Anyone who has had their makeup done with me will know I always ask this question and have a good look at the colour of their eyes before starting any application. A good Consultation and knowing how to enhance your own or someone elses natural features will give you the best results in your application. In a world where most people are trying to change the way they look be the one who embraces and works with the natural beauty!
Below are colours which help enhance blue eyes, green eyes and Brown eyes!
Blue Eyes! Warm tones are Key for all blue eyes but there are different shades of

blue so Ill break it down to be a bit more specific.
Light Blue – Neutral browns, Oranges. Bronze tones used to create smokey eyes, create depth with the contrast in these colours.
Grey Blue – All orange and brown tones. Bright Orange and Coral tones really work well here to make the eye POP!
Deep Blue: Peach/Salmon tones

Tip: Use brighter/lighter colour as your transition shades and use warmer browns as you get closer to the lash line. Be sure to use brown alongside your orange tones as your eyes can look tired if used on their own. I always use a warm brown kohl liner on the waterline for extra pop. Black will make blue eyes appear more grey.

Palettes I recommend for Blue eyes : Blank Canvas Master Series palette is amazing value or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette, Morphe 350.

Green Eyes!
Berry Tones. From Reds to Pinks to Purples!

Pure Green eyes- Rich red tones. I personally use burnt oranges to work up to the red tones.
Golden green- Eyes with a touch of yellow!
Wine – Raspberry pinks, Burgudys to build up a smokey eye.
Hazel green – A hint of brown.
Purple tones – violet, plum, Periwinkle.

Tip: Some lipsticks or lip tints are a great way to add these colours to the eyes.
Palettes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette, Mac Burgundy Times nine palette.

Brown Eyes:Any Colour!! If you’re the lucky one to have brown eyes you can wear any colour. Brown is a neutral colour so absolutely any colour works! Have fun with yellows, greens, teals, blue, purple, pink, orange brown, the combinations are endless!!

Other Palettes I love, Jaclyn Hill for Morphe and the urban decay palettes. Or build your own palettes choosing refill pans from my favourite brands like Mac, Make Up Geek, Push Make Up or Inglot. I get a flexi palette from Inglot or a Z palette which you can get off Trnd Beauty which you can customize to suit you.

Lorraine x

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